Wall-to-Wall Studios Wins 29 Awards at the 2021 PELE (ADDY) Advertising Awards

June 24, 2021

The American Advertising Federation - District 13's annual "Pele Awards" competition, recognizes the best advertising and design work created in Hawaii. This awards season, Wall-to-Wall Studios was honored with a total of 29 Awards, including Best of Show - Advertising for Hawaii Energy's Energy Champion campaign and a Judges Choice Award for our 2020 Occasional Cards.

This year’s visiting judges included Mary Knight (Partner & Executive Creative Director, Hydrogen Seattle), Amy Hood (Designer, Principal & Co-Founder–HOODZPAH, INC), Roz Romney (Freelance Art Director & Creative Director), Jeremy Wirth (Senior Creative Director for Apple, TBWA/Media Arts Lab), and Fabian Herrmann (Communication Design Director, IDEO).

Here's a recap of W|W's winning entries: 



For Hawaii Energy’s 2020 campaign, W|W focused on small decisions that anyone can make to reduce their energy use and become an Energy Champion. W|W developed a series of video spots featuring people loading a full dishwasher, installing LED bulbs, taking a short shower, and hanging laundry to dry, and then being transformed into Olympic-level heroes.

  • Best of Show – Advertising: "Energy Champions Brand Campaign"

  • Gold, Integrated Advertising Campaigns: "Energy Champions Broadcast Campaign"

  • Gold, Online/Interactive: "Energy Champions Digital Banners"

  • Gold, Television Advertising: "Energy Champions Broadcast Campaign"

  • Gold, Television Advertising: "Clothesline"

  • Silver, Television Advertising: "Dishwasher"

  • Silver, Television Advertising: "LED"


Interested in watching the spots and seeing more from the project? Click here.



The Entrepreneurs Campaign is a campaign with multiple iterations spanning several years. 2020 was a year like no other for many, especially the small local businesses here in Hawai‘i. This year, W|W created a campaign that felt open and frank to shed light on the perspective of the entrepreneurs, their struggles, worries, and even their triumphs. W|W interviewed each entrepreneur in a series of small shoots, in an effort to keep on-site personnel to a minimum. 

  • Silver, Integrated Advertising Campaigns: "2020 Entrepreneurs Brand Campaign"

  • Silver, Art Direction–Campaign: "2020 Entrepreneurs Brand Campaign"

  • Silver, Television Advertising Campaign - $10K-25K/spot: "2020 Entrepreneurs TV Campaign"

  • Silver, Film, Video, & Sound, Branded Content & Entertainment Campaign: "Entrepreneurs LFV"

  • Silver, Online/Interactive, Social Media Campaign: "Entrepreneurs Social Media Campaign"

  • Silver, Digital Creative Technology, Responsive Design: "2020 Entrepreneurs Microsite"

  • Bronze, Online/Interactive, Microsites: "2020 Entrepreneurs Microsite"


Want to hear some of the entrepreneurs' stories? Visit the HNB Entrepreneur microsite.




For 2020, W|W pursued the "world is in flames" theme and created customizable greetings cards featuring 6 unique card designs and sticker sheets with over 142 words and phrases. W|W figured it is better to let everyone craft their own messages about 2020. 

  • Gold, Judge's Choice Award from Jeremy Wirth of Apple's TBWA/Media Arts Lab 

  • Gold, Elements of Advertising, Art Direction—Campaign: "2020 Occasional Card & Sticker Sets"

  • Gold, Advertising Industry Self-Promotion, Special Event Material: "2020 Occasional Card & Sticker Sets"

  • Gold, Digital Creative Technology - Innovative Use of Interactive Technology: "2020 Occasional Card Microsite"

  • Gold, Advertising Industry Self-Promotion Online/Interactive: "2020 Occasional Card Microsite"

  • Gold, Digital Creative Technology - Interface & Navigation: "2020 Occasional Card Microsite"

  • Gold, Digital Creative Technology - Responsive Design: "2020 Occasional Card Microsite"

  • Gold, Digital Creative Technology - User Experience: "2020 Occasional Card Microsite"


Want to get your hands on these cards? Shop our store with all our occasional cards since 2012.




W|W recently re-branded Kalapawai Market, and have continued the collaboration to create some fun, on-brand merch as they expand their business across O‘ahu. This t-shirt design of their iconic store-front was illustrated by our W|W's Design Director, Malia Wisch. 

This t-shirt design won a Silver Pele for Specialty Advertising, Apparel. 

Want to get your hands on one of these tees? Shop Kalapawai Market Tee here.

Or want to check the Kalapwai Market case study? Head here.




Last year, W|W was the lead creative agency for the AAF competition, the Pele Awards. W|W completely revamped the awards site and created the inaugural Winners site that replaces the decades-old, physical awards booklet and provide the Hawaii advertising community with a digitized chronicle of all Pele Awards winners. 

  • Silver, Digital Creative Technology - User Experience: "2020 Pele Awards Website"

  • Silver, Digital Creative Technology - Responsive Design: "2020 Pele Awards Website"

  • Bronze, Digital Creative Technology - Data Driven Media: "2020 Pele Winners Website"


View the 2020 Pele Awards site here, and the Pele Awards Winner site here.

Interested in a full case study? Check it out here.


Once again, mahalo to all of our clients, partners, and vendors who allow us the opportunity to collaborate and create these very special projects on their behalf! We can't wait to do it all again! – The W|W Team.