Wall-to-Wall Studios Designs Integrated Branding for RenewAll

February 28, 2024

RenewAll is the non-profit organization leading the movement to strengthen the West Huntington neighborhood and Central City commercial district through preserving history, promoting arts and cultural tourism, coordinating events, and welcoming new businesses and economic opportunities. A strong history of grassroots engagement exists in the West Huntington neighborhood, especially on 14STW and RenewAll has effectively been bringing the community together. Other initiatives led by the RenewAll team include the Central City Museum, Central City Clean Team, Volunteer Opportunities, West End Graffiti Task Force, and Public Art Mural Projects. W|W led the organization through a comprehensive branding initiative that has positioned it to thrive.

W|W recently joined evolveEA and Fourth Economy for the Allegheny Together Annual Summit at The Connect Center in East Pittsburgh. Allegheny Together is a program that provides strategic planning and technical support for traditional business districts throughout Allegheny County.

W|W shared our perspective on the importance of place branding, particularly for municipalities and districts facing many hardships, as well as tips and best practices for communities that pursue such a path. The presentation included the story of RenewAll, a non-profit organization based in West Huntington, WV, and its efforts championing the 14STW arts & culture district.

View the RenewAll case study.

The primary RenewAll logo
The RenewAll logo, color palette, and messaging system.
The new RenewAll branding in digital applications.