RenewAll is a non-profit organization that is leading the movement to strengthen the West Huntington neighborhood and Central City commercial district through preserving history, promoting arts and cultural tourism, coordinating events, and welcoming new businesses and economic opportunities. A strong history of grassroots engagement exists in the West Huntington neighborhood, especially on 14STW and RenewAll has effectively been bringing the community together. Other initiatives led by the RenewAll team include: the Central City Museum Central City Clean Team, Volunteer Opportunities,  West End Graffiti Task Force, and Public Art Mural Projects.

W|W led the organization through a comprehensive branding initiative that has positioned it to thrive.


The integrated branding collaboration included a visual identity system (logo, colors, typography), supporting graphic elements (patterns, language prompts), photography style, and sample applications across all primary touchpoints from print to digital to the physical environment.  Equipped with a comprehensive brand style guide, the RenewAll managed ongoing marketing communication needs for the organization with confidence to maintain alignment and consistency. 


Given the existing and anticipated opportunities for the RenewAll brand to be implemented in a variety of physical spaces, the integrated design phase addressed those applications, including scenarios where RenewAll is the lead as well as where it was a supporting partner of an initiative. 


When applied to merch, swag, and related items, the dynamic design system has some fun. In the t-shirt, for example, the brand pattern is turned into a heart shape to pay off  "I Heart West Huntington", and on totes & water bottles the pattern is leveraged as a background texture that conveys energy and momentum.