Wall-to-Wall Studios Designs Environmental Graphics for Honolulu Civil Beat

March 11, 2024

Sometimes, Wall-to-Wall Studios designs... walls!

Congrats to Honolulu Civil Beat for their new office space in Civil Beat Plaza in Kaimuki, which was designed to host events and community conversations. W|W designed brand-aligned, environmental graphics that would serve as a visual reminder to staff and guests about their reason-for-being: covering local news that matters.

Honolulu Civil Beat is a non-profit news organization that works to cultivate “an informed body of citizens.” In 2016, W|W refreshed the brand and developed an integrated awareness campaign to help build readership and donors.

The large “NEWS THAT MATTERS” is made from a pattern of typography illustrating a broad range of newsworthy issues and local place names. A brand illustration “There Are Many Sides to Every Story” and glass decal elements unite the graphics across the space.

View the Honolulu Civil Beat case study.