Wall-to-Wall Studios Designs Visual Identity for Greenprint

November 13, 2019

Wall-to-Wall Studios designed the logo, visual identity and print collateral for Greenprint, a collaboration between the Allegheny Land Trust and the Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center. Greenprint is a planning tool inside a publicly accessible, interactive online regional map providing intersectional data to guide communities’ environmental planning priorities. Greenprint features a number of land use data sets from public-sector, non-profit and private organizations, and makes them available for public use. The design of the Greenprint visual identity was inspired by the similarities of a city map grid and the veins of a leaf, a perfect metaphor for the planning tool. To see how Greenprint can help empower your community to make resilient land use management plans, give this comprehensive and innovative tool a try. 

View the integrated branding case study for the Allegheny Land Trust.