Wall-to-Wall Studios Designs Integrated Branding for Yugo, A Yoga Game

November 20, 2019

An interactive yoga card game for all ages that sparks fun, kindness and cooperation, Yugo helps players learn how yoga can be a tool to help you feel more energized, balanced and relaxed. Wall-to-Wall Studios designed the integrated branding for Yugo including visual identity & logo, card deck & packaging, illustrations, animations, posters, stationery, website, custom photography and more. W|W also handled the design implementation into the various digital platforms for Yugo with a supporting comprehensive digital marketing plan that included content strategy, editorial calendar, asset creation, hashtag framework, targeted influencers and ongoing management with SproutSocial.

Yugo’s 96-card deck and supporting posters contain over 40 yoga-inspired activities that are creating impact in schools, camps, shelters and therapeutic settings, as well as with families. Visit the Yugo website to purchase a deck; follow on Instagram or Facebook for the Affirmation of the Week from Chase (he/him), Rita (she/her) and Koko (they/them).

View the Yugo case study.

Yugo Yoga Game Cards
Young Boy Playing Yoga doing airplane pose
Yugo characters and all poses