Wall-to-Wall Studios Designs Custom Crosswalks for Pittsburgh

October 13, 2016

Working with Envision Downtown, a organization nested inside the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership and created by Mayor Bill Peduto’s office, W|W designed the custom crosswalks installed at the intersection of 11th Street and Penn Avenue. The deliberately graphic crosswalks are intended to improve safety by slowing drivers at the busy intersection adjacent to the transportation center and dedicated bike lane by disrupting the street surface in an artful way, while still fitting into the urban context. The designs help send a clear message to drivers that pedestrians and cyclists use these streets too. While the project priority was the improvement of safety, experience and accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists, W|W was also challenged to subtly incorporate Pittsburgh personality into the crosswalks. This was achieved by housing the directional arrows and chevrons inside design patterns reminiscent of the iconic Pittsburgh bridges and a nod to the steel history. The green bike lanes are accented with designs inspired by the Three Sisters suspension bridges while the white pedestrian lanes hint of the arch type bridges found on the Fort Duquesne and 16th Street bridges.

The project with Envision Downtown reflects one of a series of collaborations with W|W that are focused on nimble, high impact, design-driven enhancements to transit focal points. Ultimately, after an evaluation period, the prototype crosswalk design could become visible in other intersections.

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