Wall-to-Wall Studios Designs "People on Bikes" Marketing Campaign for Bike Walk Greenville

May 12, 2014
Categories:Launches, Partnership

Wall-to-Wall Studios designed the integrated marketing campaign for Bike Walk Greenville, a non-profit organization that is the voice of active transportation in Greenville County, SC. The "People on Bikes" campaign sends a clear message – those people you see riding bikes around town, they are our friends, our children and our neighbors.

The project was a partnership that included support from several Greenville-based non-proifts: Upstate Forever, Greenville B-cycleLiveWell Greenville, and Safe Kids Upstate with additional support from Greenlink and Fairway Outdoor Advertising.

Special thanks to Bike Pgh for commissioning the Drive With Care campaign, which caught the eye of Greenville advocates.

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View the Drive With Care campaign, designed by W|W for Bike Pgh.