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Finding the Right Agency

February 6, 2019

The Danger in Requesting Spec Work

November 6, 2018
Speculative work, commonly referred to as “spec”, is defined by W|W as work completed by an agency before it has been contractually engaged and equitably compensated by a client.

A Refreshing Reminder to Take Risks

December 7, 2017
As an agency that is commissioned to help clients navigate formative challenges in the brand, creative, digital and design space, it is important to stay grounded in doing what we do best.

Why’d W|W Build a CMS?

October 20, 2016
If I had a cup of coffee for every time we’ve been asked this question, I’d be more caffeinated than the Energizer bunny. But, it is a great question that beckons an answer.

Serving Web Content Adaptively to a Mobile or Tablet Device

October 20, 2016
Serving content depending on the device type is useful for improving a responsive website's performance. When latency is a bottleneck (e.g. over 3G networks), this solution can reduce the payload sent to the end user. In this article, you can learn how to efficiently send different sized images depending on a user's device type with some Ruby gems.

Designing Lanterns

October 20, 2016
One day I scrolled through my Instagram feed and stopped to take in one of the most beautiful photos I have seen. Open sky. Sculpted land underneath. Lighting and textures turning the landscape into a painting. Photographed black and white.

The Power of Little Details: Building Brand Awareness through Microinteractions on the Web

October 19, 2016
In August, I attended the Abstractions Conference held in Pittsburgh, and particularly enjoyed hearing Karen Tang’s talk titled: "Designing the Details: How Micro-Interactions Can Elevate Your UX." The talk inspired me to think about how W|W, a branding agency, can and already does use microinteractions in a web setting to increase brand awareness for our clients.