Wall-to-Wall Studios Launches BlokBlok CMS

June 19, 2019

Wall-to-Wall Studios is pleased to announce the launch of BlokBlok CMS.

BlokBlok is the product of 15+ years of iteration on the content management system formerly known as W|W CMS,  the engine behind countless websites designed and developed by W|W.

W|W built BlokBlok because we believe that content managers shouldn’t have to choose between an easy to use CMS and powerful, customizable content features. BlokBlok solves this problem by delivering a simple user interface and a highly extensible framework designed to meet unique content needs.

Engineered from the ground up with Ruby on Rails + Javascript, BlokBlok delivers brilliant designs to the modern web that are accessible, responsive and SEO-friendly.

As modern web standards advance so does BlokBlok. Comprised of expert systems and a mature codebase, BlokBlok is ready to meet the digital needs of smart brands. 

BlokBlok already powers the websites of a number of brands, including the Carnegie Mellon Office of Undergraduate Admission, PortPitt, DLA+ and Sky Ranch Camps

Learn more about building your next website or app with BlokBlok at blokblokcms.com.