Wall-to-Wall Studios Designs Integrated Branding, Signage & Wayfinding for The Highline

October 7, 2021

The Highline is a massive, historic terminal on Pittsburgh's South Shore that dates back to 1898. Thanks to the redevelopment investment by McKnight Realty Partners, this chic office & retail complex is quickly becoming the place to be in Pittsburgh. Recently, The Highline was designated for LEED, the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program of the U.S. Green Building Council.

W|W created The Highline’s integrated branding, including graphic identity/logo and style guide that has helped position the development as a top commercial space in Pittsburgh. Following the initial branding work, Subsequently, W}W designed a comprehensive wayfinding & signage system to provide helpful navigation throughout the physical space, incorporating The Highline's unique personality.

The Highline is now home to many local businesses and organizations, including breweries and restaurants.

For more info, view The Highline case study.

Exterior signage on East Carson Street
Interior signage and wayfinding for the Highline
The Highline's visual identity painted on the Powerhouse
Interior signage and wayfinding for the Highline