Wall-to-Wall Studios Designs Integrated Branding for Carnegie Museum of Art's LIGHTIME & NIGHTIME

September 7, 2016

Wall-to-Wall Studios designed the visual identity system (name, logo, project word marks, lock-ups), integrated branding (advertising, environmental graphics, collateral) and style guide for LIGHTIME a new year-long cycle of extraordinary programming where artists activate photography’s measurement of light and time to investigate contemporary social issues. LIGHTIME originates from the Carnegie Museum of Art’s Hillman Photography Initiative and debuts at NIGHTIME, a special event on September 9th featuring the unveiling of a unique public photographic installation that measures and visualizes time itself, 9 hours of music, and art & photography activities throughout the museum. 

LIGHTIME focuses on four new commissioned projects by artists DIS, Andrea Polli, Bradford Young, and Alisha Wormsley.

LIGHT & PERCEPTION, launching fall 2016, invites the artist collective DIS to develop a creative brief exploring how computational photography changes the way we perceive people, places, and things in the virtual world.

LIGHT & ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY, running from January to April 2017, brings back Andrea Polli to Pittsburgh two years after her Particle Falls installation, and as she prepares to light the Rachel Carson bridge later this year. Polli employs digital photography as a form of data visualization to measure light quality among other things. She plans to host events that examine the impact of this data on environmental sustainability in Pittsburgh.

LIGHT & MOVEMENT, premiering summer 2017, commissions Bradford Young to create a work inspired by Pittsburgh’s tunnels and the connections between light, vision, movement, and time. His video work considers the narrative effects of natural, ambient light and envisions tunnels as passageways into the city as well as metaphors for the Great Migration.

LIGHT & SOCIAL JUSTICE, debuting fall 2017, invites Pittsburgh-based Alisha B. Wormsley to develop a series of public projects that activate vacant or abandoned properties in the Homewood neighborhood. Wormsley will investigate the past, present, and future of this community by curating and documenting a series of artist-led installations that explore the relationship between light and social justice.

The Hillman Photography Initiative is an incubator for innovating thinking about photography. It collaborates with a team of people with unique perspectives on photography to formulate each programming cycle. The ideas for this cycle were generated by Liz Deschenes; Steffani Jemison; Laura Wexler; CMOA’s curator of photography, Dan Leers; and the Initiative’s senior program manager, Divya Rao Heffley.

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