Wall-to-Wall Studios Designs Branding for URx 2022, Forward Together

May 4, 2022

URx is a community of passionate recruiting & development professionals of early career talent. URx members help companies recruit, develop, and retain great talent. W|W designed the integrated branding (thematic identity system, illustration style, supporting graphics, and more) for URx Conference 2022, “Forward Together”, a live online event bringing together the community to be connected, inspired, and prepared for whatever the new realities of recruiting hold.

"Forward Together" has a full roster of keynote speakers from leading companies such as Nike, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Duolingo, Roku, Pinterest, Airbnb, Adobe, and Coinbase, that will be facilitating conversations on important topics such as diversity recruiting, employer branding, talent programs, and community building.

Visit the website to register and learn more.

View the URx case study.