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W|W executed the organizational rebranding that included the visual identity system with comprehensive icon suite, stationery, construction signage, environmental elements, vehicle graphics, apparel, brand style guide and more, for the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy. Founded in 1996, the organization has been pivotal in the development, up-keep, and creation of parks in Pittsburgh. The rebranding initiative was motivated by lack of recognition attributed to Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy and the organization’s efforts & impact. The distinct and memorable visual identity has become a strong brand character for the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy and the style guide has provided the framework & toolkit ensuring consistency in all marketing communications.  

Pgh parks 2 logo
Pgh parks 4 type
Pgh parks 5 sign
Pgh parks 6 twitter
Pgh parks 7 bottle
Pgh parks 9 jacket
Pgh parks 10 apparel
Pgh parks 17 coaster
Pgh parks 11 guidelines
Pgh parks 12 mapicon
Pgh parks 13 sign
Pgh parks 14 sign
Pgh parks 16 sign