Wall-to-Wall Studios Wins Awards At AIGA "Hawaii's 5-O" Design Show

December 19, 2011
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The Honolulu Chapter of AIGA held its bi-annual "Hawaii's 5-O Design Awards Show" at the Bishop Museum last month, celebrating the State's best in Print, Environmental, Packaging, Web and Student Design. This year's national judges were: Sean Adams of AdamsMorioka, Lucille Tenazas of Tenazas Design, and Christopher Simmons of MINE SF. Wall-to-Wall Studios was selected for the following 11 honors:

Hawaii's 5-O Design Awards of Excellence:

     - Ballet Hawaii's Nutcracker Poster 2009

     - Ballet Hawaii's Nutcracker Poster 2010

     - 'Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawaii Website (www.imiloahawaii.org)

     - Jet Graphics - "This Should Be Bigger" Campaign

     - Philpotts Interior Design website (www.philpotts.net)

     - REHAB Hospital of the Pacific - Annual Report 2010

     - REHAB Hospital of the Pacific - Capital Campaign Brochure

     - Shidler College of Business at University of Hawaii - M.F.E. Brochure 

Top 5 Judges Choice, Print + Environmental:
     - Leather Soul - Retail Branding/Collateral

Top 3 Judges Choice, Web + Interactive:
     - Children's Museum of South Dakota Website (www.prairieplay.org)
     - Jet Graphics Website (www.jetgraphics.net

Some of the Judges' comments about their Top Picks include:

"Sometimes good design doesn't have to be yelling. It doesn't have to be boisterous. It's very thoughtful and much more considerate." - Lucille Tenazas on Leather Soul, branding design.

"This, we all gravitated to pretty quickly as a successfully executed system. Really exquisitely done." - Christopher Simmons on Leather Soul, branding design.

"I wanted to see how it worked. I wanted to dig around in it and find things." - Sean Adams on JetGraphics.net, website design.

"It's a very functional site and at the same time it's very attractive. There's an excellent sense of scale and the color palette is very restrained." - Christopher Simmons on JetGraphics.net, website design.

"It feels like it's so appropriate, but at the same time, smart." - Lucille Tenazas on Children's Museum of South Dakota, website design (prairieplay.org).

"The cow, it's fantastic! I want a cow on my website! I think that's so great!" Sean Adams onThe Children's Museum of South Dakota website design (prairieplay.org)

Congratulations to all of our clients and collaborators who made this possible - MAHALO!