Wall-to-Wall Studios featured on ThinkTechHawaii's Radio Show about Advertising in Hawaii

April 19, 2012
Categories:People, Media, Event

(L-R: Dave Ciano, Jason Suapaia, Bernard Uy, Allan Payne) 


The April 18th radio broadcast of 1013's "The Creative Drive" on ThinkTech Hawaii featured Wall-to-Wall Studios' co-founder Bernard Uy and Allan Payne of Payne Advertising plus hosts Jason Suapaia and Dave Ciano as part of an on-air discussion about the state of Advertising in Hawaii. What are the Pele Awards and why do they matter? Does winning advertising awards help to attract more business? Can Hawaii's creative work be recognized outside of the state? Do advertising agencies do a good job of advertising their own services? What do we need to do as an industry to raise the bar? Do I have time to listen through an HOUR of this? (Luckily, the answer to the last question is "no", as the broadcast gets abruptly cut off.)

Click to listen to (most of) the broadcast.