Trust-Franklin Press Design Series: "I Laughed, I Cried, I Remembered". Humor, Emotion & Wit In Branding

April 30, 2012
Categories:People, Partnership, Event

Almost all of us are subjected to advertising, branding and marketing messages on a daily basis, whether we want it or not. Most say this type of messaging is annoying noise that clutters our lives, and much of it ends up being forgettable.


Consumers are able to tune out a “hard sell” message and ignore or skip it completely. However, making an emotional connection can often have the opposite effect: A consumer may choose to remember the brand or messaging, because it perhaps was unexpected, made them laugh, or even made them cry.


Laugh, cry, and network, this Wednesday, May 2nd with Wall-to-Wall Studios partner and creative director Larkin Werner as he presents at Trust-Franklin's Creativity Seminar Series.


Riverwalk Corporate Centre
33 Terminal Way
Pittsburgh, PA 15219


Wednesday, May 2, 2012
3 to 5pm (includes post-seminar networking)

Register for the free event here.