Wall-to-Wall Studios Designs Website for Be My Voice Hawai'i

April 18, 2012
Categories:Launches, Partnership


Wall-to-Wall Studios designed the website for Be My Voice! Hawai‘i, a collaborative, public-will building campaign, whose mission is to raise support around early childhood education, family strengthening and health services. The campaign was launched at the October 2010 Governor’s Forum to raise awareness of the devastating affects cuts to family strengthening and early education programs have on Hawai‘i’s future.  The interactive design effort by Wall-to-Wall Studios for Be My Voice! Hawai'i is the first in a series of planned creative collaborations between the two organizations.  As part of this website redesign, Wall-to-Wall Studios also executed a logo refinement, and developed the illustration work throughout.


Visit the website: www.bemyvoicehawaii.org