Wall-to-Wall Studios Designs Branding for Essential Partners

September 13, 2016

Wall-to-Wall Studios designed the visual branding (logo, identity system, stationery and more) for Essential Partners. Founded in 1989 in Harvard, MA (originally as Public Conversations Project), Essential Partners supports courageous, resilient communities through a trainable, scalable and adaptable approach that allows participants to engage their differences. The organization works locally, nationally, and globally to provide dialogue facilitation, training, consultation, and coaching to help groups reduce stereotyping and polarization while deepening trust and collaboration and strengthening communities. At the core of many of today’s most complex social problems is a breakdown in relationships that leads to mistrust, gridlock, and fractured communities. Essential Partners’ method addresses the heart of this breakdown by working to shift relationships, building the communication skills and trust needed to make action possible and collaboration sustainable. 

Visually, the new identity/logo represents two voices intersecting to create a space for dialogue in the center, while conveying the notion of connection through the “link” graphic. W|W collaborated with Portland, OR based partner, Quicksilver Foundry on the organizational rebranding initiative. Quicksilver led Essential Partners through the development of its brand framework, messaging/tagline and the new name. Other recent rebranding partnerships between Quicksilver Foundry and Wall-to-Wall Studios include Social Venture Partners, the Commissary (Department of Defense) and Sprague Pest Solutions.

View the Essential Partners press release for more details.