Wall-to-Wall Studios Art Director Doug Dean Featured on Corps340 Podcast

December 19, 2016

Corps340 is a weekly, or thereabouts, podcast that features interviews with individuals from the communications, cultural, business, technology, health, educational and governmental sectors that explores two main themes with each guest: how you have honed your specific craft and why you’ve chosen to do it here in Western Pennsylvania. Corps340 recently interviewed Doug Dean, art director at Wall-to-Wall Studios.

Ultimately, Corps340 seeks to continue amplifying the region’s energy, grit, tenacity and character by highlighting individual’s contributions to those attributes. In this nearly one hour session, Doug takes listeners inside Wall-to-Wall Studios, discussing the agency’s design processes along with his own personal practice that often fuses his myriad and considerable graphic design skills with his passion for politics, family and particularly, music, which has lead to a variety of great collaborations with bands that he has admired. Listen to the podcast via Soundcloud or itunes.