Bar Leather Apron Branding Designed By Wall-to-Wall Studios

February 3, 2016

Bar Leather Apron is finally here. Congratulations to our friends Tom Park (founder of Leather Soul) and Justin Park (formerly of Manifest, no relation) on their joint effort to elevate cocktail culture in Hawaii. Located in downtown Honolulu at the Topa Financial Center's mezzanine level of the first floor, Leather Apron is not your typical after work watering hole.

Bar Leather Apron is Hawaii’s premier cocktail bar with an exceptional customer experience. Providing patrons with everything from classic to bespoke cocktails and premium spirits, Bar Leather Apron strives to constantly delight customers with surprising details, attentive service and superior drinks.

Wall-to-Wall Studios developed the brand positioning and identity system including the logo, menu, signage, coaster designs and more items to come.

Pro tip: If you covet a spot at the 7-seat bar to watch Justin and his team handcraft a signature cocktail for you, or want to enjoy award-winning drinks in the intimate lounge seating area? Make a reservation.

Bla interior bar
Interior photograph by Philip E Lemoine Jr.
Bla interior sign crop
Interior photograph by Philip E Lemoine Jr.
Bla coasters whiskey bottle
Bla coin
The Bar Leather Apron Coin: Good For 1 Cocktail.
Bla reserve print ad
Barleatherapron justinpark
Justin Park photo courtesy of Bar Leather Apron.
Bla whiskey on coaster
Bla leather coaster

Visit Bar Leather Apron's website: 

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