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Silkscream2012 2 poster detail


Go Ahead, Scream

W|W designed the branding and integrated marketing campaign for Silk Scream, the Asian American Horror Festival. The project represented another creative collaboration between W|W and Silk Screen, the Asian American Film Festival of Pittsburgh. For the 2012 Festival, real duct tape was used as a mixed media design component for various materials including posters, cards, signage, and videos.

Silkscream2012 3 poster
Silkscream2012 4 poster
Silkscream2012 5 poster
Silkscream2012 6 poster
Silkscream2012 7 rip detail
Silkscream2012 8 duct tape sign
Silkscream2012 9 duct tape sign process
Silkscream 2
Silkscream 3
Silkscream 4
Silkscream 5
Silkscream 6
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Silkscream 8