Founded in 2016, Very Law is a private law practice headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA that delivers client services pertaining to civil rights, civil litigation, criminal law, debt collection defense, consumer protection, and entertainment law, among other areas. Very Law's team of zealous attorneys advocate for its clients, asserting their rights and promoting justice.

Taking advantage of an opportunity to evolve its branding and communications, Very Law hired W|W to deliver clarity about its value proposition which ultimately helped the firm to better connect with target audiences. W|W designed the integrated rebranding (logo, visual identity system, tagline & narrative, marketing communications, environmental decor, and style guide) followed by the development of a new website, to best position Very Law to thrive.


Throughout the discovery and immersion phases of the collaboration, the words "trusted", "fearless", and "advocacy" surfaced as core brand values for the Very Law team.  W|W leaned into those values and created a set of custom word mosaics that leverage the Very Law brand fonts. The mix of the modern sans serif and classical serif letterforms creates a visual representation of the dichotomy of being bold and aggressive, yet remaining steadfast and scholarly.  They are a representation of finding order and meaning within the chaos, a theme all too familiar to this client. These custom graphics have been implemented in stationery, office artwork, and digital backgrounds for the Very Law team.


W|W's approach to the new visual identity was to convey strength and confidence. The Very Law logo needed to be bold and stand out from the sea of sameness that is typical of law firm branding.  The clean, bold sans serif typeface projects a sense of modernity and strength with a color palette that is bold and sophisticated.  The visual identity system was designed with inherent flexibility and works as a strong brand signal across mediums (print, digital, motion/animation, environment, and merchandise).


The simplicity of the firm’s name, Very Law, places emphasis on just two words.  “Very” is the founder’s name and an adjective and adverb meaning “to a high degree” or “actual and precise”. “Law” succinctly expresses the firm’s end product.  The tagline, in combination with the logo, invites an aha moment that evokes a high-level, precise application of the law and opens the conversation to other Very ___ narratives. 


In addition to implementing the new branding across social media platforms and Mailchimp, W|W designed and developed a new website for Very Law.  The website is built on Prismic, a headless content management system (CMS) that combines an intuitive user admin environment with a platform that performs. The digital experience is aligned with the visual branding --bold, sleek, and confident. The website's navigation helps users find exactly what they are looking for without frustration.