The Next Generation of Toyota

Hybrid vehicles hit the market in the 1990s, yet there are still widespread misconceptions about their technology and stereotypes about who drives them.  In 2023, Toyota's electrified fleet boasts 15 models. The range includes fully electric, plug-in electric, traditional hybrid, and fuel cell vehicles. Servco is Hawaii’s largest privately owned business and is the leader in automotive products & services, home & commercial products distributions, and more.

Wall-to-Wall Studios was tasked with creating an awareness campaign for Servco Pacific - Toyota Hawaii that addressed both the benefits of hybrid-electric vehicles as well as their impressive electrified Toyota fleet. The overall campaign was two-fold,  one concept that launched on both television and digital and a follow-up digital campaign that dug more into the details of hybrid misunderstanding. 


When asked to think of someone who drives a hybrid, there are some pretty specific stereotypes that come to mind. To break some of those typecasts, Toyota Gang was assembled. The spot features a tough and intimidating track and voiceover paired with some unexpected characters and their hybrid-electric vehicles along with uniquely Hawaii nods. 

The ultimate message for this spot was that whether you're an uncle hauling mulch for your hibiscus or an accountant who doesn't want to give up horsepower, there's a Toyota Hybrid for you. The spot ran on both TV and digital.


The second installment of the hybrid-electric campaign introduced these two braddahs (guys) debating some common misconceptions about hybrid technology. From the client's research, the Wall-to-Wall team discovered the general public is still very unaware of how hybrid-electric vehicles function as well as are holding on to outdated myths regarding decades-old hybrid technology.

The goal for these spots was to correct and encourage conversation and research around some of those misunderstandings and myths the general Hawaii public hold for hybrid-electric vehicles, posing the question: What myth is stopping you from going hybrid?