Following a complete $59 million makeover, the former Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki and Golf Club announced a new identity as Prince Waikiki in April 2017. The eight month renewal included 563 transformed oceanfront guest rooms and suites, redefined dining options, a modernized lobby with unique personalized services, a new infinity pool, and enhanced meeting space. W|W developed comprehensive branding that included the new name, brand positioning, messaging, identity system, advertising, collateral design, and an extensive image library.


Every room in Prince Waikiki faces the ocean, and the new identity places the emphasis there as well, with the logo referencing the lobby's dramatic art installation of copper hinana fish, by Native Hawaiian artist Kaili Chun. The silhouette of the logo serves double duty, alluding to the shape of traditional Hawaiian canoe sails. Illustrations depict flowers of the native naio plant, once plentiful in the area of the hotel and known for the restorative effect it has in its environment. 


Alongside the hotel branding, W|W also had the opportunity to rename and rebrand the newly renovated primary restaurant on the property, 100 Sails. Overlooking the Waikiki Yacht Club marina (stocked to the gills with sailboats), the restaurant is well-known for its expansive buffet and Pacific Rim favorites. A rough-hewn illustration of the hinana fish evokes the hotel’s location at the convergence of fresh and ocean water,  where the small, native fish prized by Hawaiians was historically abundant.