Culture doesn’t just enhance our individual lives — it transforms the region in powerful ways. In the hands of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, the region has trusted culture to grow the local economy. We've trust it to educate us…enlighten us…enrich our businesses…bring new and better jobs…attract capital and people…spur residential vibrancy downtown and beyond. For more than two decades, we’ve trusted culture to do all these things and more and we trust the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust to drive the momentum. Trust Culture.

W|W designed this integrated campaign for the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, the transformative force behind quality performing and visual arts in the region. The initiative helps remind people of the bigger purpose, the importance, the value, the relevance of the trust by supporting, and investing, in culture.  W|W helped the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust successfully reach their campaign goal of 10,000 members. The Trust Culture t-shirt was provided with certain membership packages as an incentive to be part of something big.