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Hawai'i Airports Modernization Program

The Hawaii Airports Modernization Program is part of the State's continuing work on airport improvements to enhance the traveler experience, create jobs to stimulate the local economy, and ultimately transform Hawaii's airports into world-class facilities so they can meet and exceed the future needs of residents and visitors alike.

W|W designed and developed the program's responsive website to provide the latest information on the various improvements via an interactive map on the homepage. Users can find details regarding projects and closures by status, zone, or location. The website integrates data from the program's existing technology using Mapbox and ArcGIS. The new site is slated to launch in early August 2020. As Hawai'i Airports modernize, W|W is their digital innovation partner. 


Launched by the North American Forest Partnership, #forestproud is a communication platform made possible by over 100 member organizations who are passionate about the future of our forests. #forestproud believes that passion needs a voice, a place where the many diverse interests that share those values can come together and start a conversation. W|W is actively collaborating with #forestproud to design, develop and manage the ongoing communications campaign across digital channels and social media.  As #ForestProud is changing perceptions about the forest sector, they chose W|W as their brand and marketing partner.  https://forestproud.org/

Surfjack Hotel & Swim Club

Located on Lewers Street in the heart of Waikiki, The Surfjack Hotel & Swim Club offers laid-back accommodations, leading chef Ed Kenney’s Mahina & Sun’s restaurant, and the Swim Club’s poolside style. The Surfjack is a design-led, art-driven hotel that encapsulates the laid-back spirit of mid-century aloha. Housed in a 1960’s-era building, the hotel’s concrete interiors were refreshed with local reclaimed wood and infused with work by some of Hawaii’s most notable artisans, including more than 60 fixtures by Retrospect Designs, photography featuring mid-century Hawaii landscapes, and restored aloha fabrics by designer Tori Richard.   W|W designed the integrated, formative branding for The Surfjack including strategy, naming, visual identity/logo, website, environment & décor, advertising, sales collateral and more. View the case study.


The successful restauranteur's plan was to open a restaurant serving burgers and shakes. The problem? Consumers have countless options for locating a juicy burger or tasty shake, and he needed this new restaurant to become the top of mind choice. Despite a hidden location in a suburban strip mall, W|W designed an integrated branded experience that elevated every touchpoint, including the food, to become the hottest restaurant in the region. 

Starting with the name, W|W created the entire Burgatory story; crafting the brand narrative with wit and just the right amount of irreverence to be remembered and craved, paving the way for efficient expansion to 9 locations.   View the case study.


W|W led CHROME (formerly Washington Community Federal Credit Union) through a comprehensive rebranding. The collaboration included the development of a research-driven Brand Platform, Audience Personas, Naming, Corporate Identity Package, Integrated Design + Style Guide, Brand Video, Brand Culture Handbook, Digital Components, Environmental & Decor Elements and more. The transformation not only includes a new name but a new business model. According to Christopher George, President and CEO, “CHROME is simply good banking. To us, that means easy-to-use accounts, fewer fees, more stores and smart people who can’t wait to help...”  View the case study.


Facilitated by the Jewish Healthcare Foundation (JHF), Liftoff PGH 2020 is both an event and an ongoing process for launching the region into a new space beyond the current frontiers of health care. The JHF and its three operating arms develop and manage programs, research, training, and grantmaking to advance the quality of clinical care and health of populations. As JHF recognized that Pittsburgh tops national lists of “best places to live, work, and play”, but is not topping the list in the crucial area of healthcare innovation, the Foundation launched Liftoff PGH 2020, an event to help Pittsburgh become a center for disruption in healthcare. W|W designed the integrated branding (logo, visual identity, brand guidelines, website and more) and is delivering implementation and campaign support for Liftoff PGH 2020.  View the case study.


Pittsburgh Innovation District

InnovatePGH is a next-generation public-private partnership built to accelerate Pittsburgh’s status as a global innovation city. The seeds of InnovatePGH were planted in the recommendations from an 18-month study conducted by the Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Initiative on Innovation and Placemaking at the Brookings Institution. The resulting partnership is powered by a coalition of civic leaders representing the City of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, UPMC, the Allegheny Conference on Community Development and regional philanthropies. W|W was commissioned to design the integrated visual branding and narrative for the Pittsburgh Innovation District, one of the organization’s primary initiatives which has become the primary public face of InnovatePGH.  View the case study.


PortPitt (the Port of Pittsburgh Commission) manages and oversees the Port of Pittsburgh, a driving force in the economic well-being of Pennsylvania and the greater Pittsburgh region. As the second-largest inland port in the United States–ranking as the 21st largest port overall, PortPitt’s responsibilities cover twelve counties, equating to 200 miles of commercially navigable waterways; 200 river terminals and barge industry service suppliers; three major rivers; and 17 locks and dams. Serving as a trusted and reliable resource for both residents and businesses, PortPitt is the region’s lifeline.

To elevate awareness and better connect with its diverse target audiences, W|W was commissioned to develop a brand strategy that would better align its image with the services and important regional impact. The rebranding initiative included the design of a comprehensive visual identity system, messaging framework, website, and marketing collateral and successfully helped PortPitt effectively relate to both commercial and recreational stakeholder groups. While the organization's official name is the "Port of Pittsburgh Commission", W|W recommended the adoption of PortPitt as the primary public-facing name to enhance the brand's accessibility. View the case study. 

CMU iii

W|W designed the insight-inspired, integrated rebranding for the Carnegie Mellon University Integrated Innovation Institute, a joint initiative of the College of Engineering, the College of Fine Arts and the Tepper School of Business. The CMU III masters degree programs unite the disciplines of engineering, design, and business to build impactful, valuable solutions for real people, and are designed for professionals passionate about developing, designing, and launching the next generation of products and services. In addition to designing the visual rebranding that aligned all touch-points and signals: logo, identity system, brand style guide, viewbook, stationery system, marketing collateral, digital ads, environment and more, W|W also crafted the organizational narrative that included overarching themes and messaging framework. View the case study. 


Carnegie Museum of Art is arguably the first museum of contemporary art in the United States, collecting the “Old Masters of tomorrow” since the inception of the Carnegie International in 1896. Today, the museum is one of the most dynamic major art institutions in America.  W|W's longstanding history of creative collaboration with the museum includes website design, advertising campaigns, publication design, formative branding and more. Working in tandem with the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, W|W designed the visual identity system for both museums who happen to share the same building. The comprehensive visual rebranding included the development of positioning statements, followed by the design of the new logos, stationery system and brand style guide.  View the case study.


W|W executed the organizational rebranding that included the visual identity system with comprehensive icon suite, stationery, construction signage, environmental elements, vehicle graphics, apparel, brand style guide and more, for the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy. Founded in 1996, the organization has been pivotal in the development, upkeep, and creation of parks in Pittsburgh. The rebranding initiative was motivated by lack of recognition attributed to Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy and the organization’s efforts & impact. The distinct and memorable visual identity has become a strong brand character for the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy and the style guide has provided the framework & toolkit ensuring consistency in all marketing communications, setting the stage for a successful ballot initiative. View the case study. 


Culture doesn’t just enhance our individual lives — it transforms the region in powerful ways. In the hands of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, the region has trusted culture to grow the local economy. We've trusted it to educate us…enlighten us…enrich our businesses…bring new and better jobs…attract capital and people…spur residential vibrancy downtown and beyond. For more than two decades, we’ve trusted culture to do all these things and more and we trust the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust to drive the momentum. Trust Culture.

W|W designed this integrated campaign for the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, the transformative force behind quality performing and visual arts in the region. The initiative helps remind people of the bigger purpose, the importance, the value, the relevance of the trust by supporting, and investing, in culture.  W|W helped the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust successfully reach its campaign goal of 10,000 members. The Trust Culture t-shirt was provided with certain membership packages as an incentive to be part of something big. View the case study.


Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente, the nation's largest managed health care organization, was faced with brand challenges and misconceptions in Hawaii, despite a solid presence in the islands since 1958. To help address these issues, W|W developed a strategic brand campaign targeting potential new members. The goal was to increase non-member “willingness to consider” Kaiser Permanente. W|W created a simple but powerful broadcast and digital campaign entitled “Their Own Words” which featured actual physicians sharing what they love about being a part of Kaiser Permanente. The campaign proved to be effective, resulting in an over 20% increase in non-member “willingness to consider” Kaiser Permanente across multiple age groups. With the concept's success, the campaign has continued to evolve and will eventually roll-out in all Kaiser Permanente regions across the country. View the case study.


Petuum, an AI and machine learning startup based in Silicon Valley and Pittsburgh, builds solutions that provide businesses of all sizes and industries with the tools to become owners, builder and informed users of AI. Founded by researchers and professors from CMU, Petuum is one of the highest-funded artificial intelligence and machine learning startups with $108 millions in funding led by SoftBank.  Petuum partnered with W|W to develop a comprehensive brand system, including logo and visual identity system, messaging and tagline, brand style guide, custom illustrations, animations, accessible UI color palettes, website and more. View the case study.


When Roy and Estelle Kelley founded Outrigger Resorts in 1947, little did they know that their brand would expand beyond the pristine shores of Waikiki Beach. Today, Outrigger Resorts is a growing global entity, with properties in Hawaii, Fiji, Australia, Thailand, Guam, Mauritius and the Maldives. As Outrigger worked towards realizing its vision of becoming the world’s premier beachfront resort brand, it became clear that this vision needed to be articulated more effectively through its brand strategy, messaging, voice, look and feel. W|W partnered with Outrigger Resorts' global marketing team to reinvigorate the brand through a new campaign "Find Out" that encouraged guests to explore the world the Outrigger way, with unabashed wonder and joy. View the case study.


W|W, working with PMI, designed and produced "There to Here" (#ThereToHere) as part of an integrated digital campaign for Airlines for America, the country's largest and oldest airline industry trade association. The campaign highlights the personal connections and moments that are possible thanks to U.S. airlines. Air travel isn't just about the person doing the traveling; it's also about who or what is waiting on the other end. When a person- or even a package- is no longer "there" but now "here", that's when the magic can start, the deal can be struck, the package can be opened, the smiles can be shared. Through online videos and sharable graphics, the campaign brings to life the impact that U.S. airlines have every day and the benefits of going from "there" to being "here." View the case study.


Following an extensive $59 million repositioning, the former Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki and Golf Club announced a new identity as Prince Waikiki in April 2017. The eight-month renewal included 563 transformed oceanfront guest rooms and suites, redefined dining options, a modernized lobby with unique personalized services, a new infinity pool, and enhanced meeting space. W|W developed the strategic branding that included the new name, corporate identity system, brand positioning, messaging, advertising, collateral design, signage program and brand guidelines. View the case study.


Over the years, we've created effective brand and marketing campaigns for organizations in the logistics and cargo verticals. For Matson, the leading carrier of containerized cargo between the US Pacific Coast and Hawaii, we create a television campaign to promote the corporate brand. The series of 4 television ads is a whimsical look at how everyday things find their way to Hawaii.

W|W drove the successful launch of Ship to Hawaii, a members-only shipping service that provides a secure way to save up to 70% on airfreight shipping from the mainland U.S. to Hawaii. In addition to designing the original brand identity and logo, W|W developed an advertising campaign for television, print and online, direct mail, and the latest responsive website, featuring an online shipping fee estimator calculator.

W|W executed an insight-driven, organizational rebranding for Lucas Systems, a provider of intelligent work execution software solutions that improve hands-on processes and workflows in distribution centers. 

And, W|W designed the branding for Bito Robotics, an innovator of intelligent autonomous robot solutions, that is focused in warehousing and logistics.