Nova Place is a 30-acre mixed-use urban redevelopment project located on Pittsburgh's historic North Side that has become the new home for startups, pop-ups, disruptors, and upstarts. Formerly known as Allegheny Center, Nova Place encompasses 1.5 million square feet of first-class office space, restaurants, fitness center and houses Pittsburgh’s largest and newest co-working space, Alloy 26. The site on which Nova Place rests has historic roots and was originally a walkable city. The 36-block city was planned by John Redick in 1784, complete with common grazing areas for livestock. 

Working with NYC-based Faros Properties, W|W designed the integrated branding and marketing communications (identity system, logo, messaging, signage, website, print collateral, advertising, brand style guide and more) for Nova Place. The responsively designed website was initially developed using BlokBlok CMS, a Ruby on Rails + Javascript content management system. W|W subsequently designed and developed the next generation website for Nova Place leveraging Wordpress.