A Helping Hand

A non-profit founded in 1995 by Ambassador Dan Rooney of the Pittsburgh Steelers and George L. Miles of WQED, The Mentoring Partnership of Southwestern PA champions strong, supportive relationships for all young people. In its unique role as an intermediary organization, The Mentoring Partnership provides the critical link between national efforts and the local programs and organizations that foster quality mentoring relationships. Continuing the ongoing collaboration that has included several digital initiatives, W|W refreshed The Mentoring Partnership’s visual identity/branding and redesigned the website


The refined visual identity and logo for The Mentoring Partnership designed by W|W reflect an evolution of the previous mark, which had become increasingly challenging to use. The new logo is both professional and approachable, conveying core brand tenets including partnership, inclusivity, and trustworthiness. With an expanded color palette, additional fonts, and custom illustrations, the new visual identity system works well across different media. W|W also designed a stationery system and e-newsletter & social media templates for the client team to leverage.


The Mentoring Partnership’s responsively designed website is a primary marketing tool and brand signal for the organization. Powered by BlokBlok CMS, a Ruby on Rails + Javascript content management system with the News, Calendar, and Form Builder modules, the client can efficiently update website content. W|W also developed a custom integration with Salesforce, that effectively connects training programs and registrations to the website CMS.