Located in Allegheny County, PA, Marshall Township is a 16-square-mile suburban community with 10,080 residents comprised of a balance of traditional single-family residential, multi-family duplexes, apartments and townhomes, and commercial and office/industrial development. Marshall Township recently adopted an updated Comprehensive Plan that identified key focus areas including traffic and land use, sense of place, green space & future development, and recreation & connectivity. To help achieve its expressed goals, the Township hired W|W to complete a comprehensive branding initiative that accurately captures Marshall Township’s authentic identity, elevating pride and conveying a sense of place while supporting economic development growth.


The brand positioning statement crafted by W|W accurately captured the essence of Marshall Township, providing a strong foundation to base marketing communications. A secluded sanctuary. Connected crossroads. Marshall Township is both. Far from the city's congestion, yet close enough to tap into its energy. Sunlit parks and lush green spaces that are tranquil and remote, yet connected to the region’s best retail, dining, and entertainment destinations. All enriched by the bonds between friends, neighbors, and businesses. Here, connection comes naturally.


Residents and businesses in Marshall Township feel part of something bigger: a sense of shared ownership, an engaged and caring community, and ultimately pride in the many good things the township brings to their lives. It’s a sense of place that meets the love of place. The new identity/logo and integrated branding created by W|W leans into this special emotional space, using the letterform M from Marshall to cleverly construct the sun's rays. A robust set of graphic elements, icons, patterns, and colors was designed to complement the core logo, providing the Marshall Township team with a comprehensive brand system.