Kalaeloa Town is a vibrant masterplan community on the sprawling landscape of West O‘ahu developed by Hunt Companies Hawaii. Spanning over 500 acres of the historic Naval Air Station Barbers Point, the Kalaeloa area stands poised to embrace a new era of vitality for residents, businesses, and visitors alike.

W|W was tasked to craft a forward-looking vision that honors the naval heritage of this cherished locale while resonating with the aspirations of its diverse community and its native history. From a comprehensive brand audit, strategic brand positioning, naming exercise, and a dynamic visual identity and web experience, W|W created a place-based brand laying the foundation for a thriving Westside community.


The logomark, drawing from the geometry of map street lines, embodies an abstract interpretation of crossroads, serving as a symbol of the convergence of diverse paths. Complementing the mark, a unique and quirky woodblock typeface and its varied widths echo the vibrancy inherent to this local community. 

Rooted in the area's storied naval heritage, the brand's color palette is an interpretation of red, white, and blue. This contemporary twist breathes new life into the familiar hues, symbolizing the evolution of Kalaeloa Town into a vibrant and forward-thinking neighborhood. 

Drawing inspiration from the storied origins of the palaka pattern, deeply rooted in the cultural fabric of West O‘ahu, the brand embraces this iconic Westide motif with reverence. Evoking the resilience and resourcefulness of the local community, palaka serves as a timeless symbol of heritage and unity.


The brand platform is grounded in a strategic messaging framework that speaks to the resilient and adventurous searching for a place to call home. Rooted in a profound native and naval history, our brand promise pledges to cultivate a vibrant, one-of-a-kind community on the West Side. With a focus on connection and discovery, Kalaeloa is more than just a neighborhood—it's a dynamic community where new traditions are born and old ones are cherished and celebrated.


The website experience (kalaeloatown.com) features vibrant offerings and important updates — an informative hub for all things Kalaeloa Town. With a clean and modern layout, users can quickly access essential information, such as the tenant directory, community news, and community resources. Its responsive design and block layout ensure a seamless browsing experience from desktop to tablet to mobile.