Hillman Family Foundations supports the philanthropic and civic work of multiple generations of Hillman family members. Based in Pittsburgh, the Hillman Family Foundations provides administrative services including foundation operations, program management, compliance, and investment oversight. Over the years, the family’s commitment to philanthropy led to the expansion of the Foundation to include 18 family foundations that make strategic, programmatic, and funding decisions independently of each other. Each foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life in its respective geographic area by supporting effective projects and leveraging other support to grow the best ideas and invest in innovative solutions. To help align the visual branding and communications of both the parent and 18 family foundations, W|W was hired to design and develop an integrated identity system and digital ecosystem.


The visual identity system is anchored by the Hillman Family Foundation “H” monogram set inside a square, which was refined from the prior version. W|W then designed a set of custom monograms as identities for the family foundations that provide each with their own ‘mark’ while connecting the overall system. The websites are developed using a hybrid headless version of BlokBlok CMS, a Ruby on Rails + Javascript content management system. Content updates for all 18 foundations and the parent site are controlled through one administrative interface for the client team. W|W deployed a custom integration with Fluxx, a 3rd party grants management software platform, to deliver a searchable grants database for each of the foundations.