Flyspace Productions is the regional leader in Event Management, Event Production, and Art Services. Founded in 2006 Flyspace is a woman-owned business with decades of experience that operates as the behind-the-scenes crew for favorite regional events such as the Three Rivers Arts Festival, Picklesburgh, and Highmark Light Up Night. While known for providing the stages for many of Pittsburgh’s major experiences, Flyspace found that some customers were not aware of the vast services they deliver. To help address that reality, W|W designed and developed the new website for Flyspace that is commensurate with the depth and breadth of services it provides, from stage rentals to art installation and everything in between. The website also showcases the multitude of events that Flyspace has helped create.


Flyspace needed a website that would be as bold and punchy as their work. To do this W|W utilized expressive typography, bold uses of color, and a touch of wit to bring the personality of Flyspace to life on the website. The design is exciting and dynamic, while still allowing users to find all the information they are seeking. A custom stage quiz was designed in which users answer a series of questions to narrow down which stage best suits the needs of their event. W|W also created a continuous scroll gallery that allows Flyspace to showcase and organize photography from their events in one place.

The new responsively designed website is built on BlokBlok CMS,  a Ruby on Rails + Javascript content management system (CMS) that provides the client team with the ability to efficiently manage the site’s content.