W|W designed the integrated branding for Choolaah Indian BBQ, with 7 locations in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Sterling, VA. Operated by Wholesome International, Choolaah represents a restaurant entry into the fast-casual category with plans to expand the operation globally. Via the creative collaboration, W|W designed the Choolaah visual identity system (logo, standards), the brand style guide & toolkit, and the initial website (custom design and development using WordPress). The comprehensive style guide covered all brand touch-points, from the environment (facade, signage, decor) to the menu to advertising to merchandising to digital/website and everything in between.


W|W worked closely with Choolaah and its architect to ensure the physical space delivered a compelling, integrated experience that was aligned with the restaurant's branding. W|W encouraged Choolaah to take a fresh approach to the existing building structure, particularly regarding key architectural features, signage, and entrance. W|W also recommended that the iconic tandoors be visible, playing an influential role in the interior design. All touch-points were considered, including the menu wall, spice jar installation, and seating booths & tables.


W|W's integrated design approach to Choolaah's branding ensured that the organization's promise and personality were carefully incorporated into the voice, tone, and visuals of all signals. Everything, including merchandising, website, point-of-sale, advertisements, packaging, educational & nutritional content, are squarely aligned behind Choolaah - a dining experience that's like nothing you've ever tasted before. Yum.