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W|W, working with Washington, DC based CLS Strategies, designed and produced "There to Here" (#ThereToHere) as part of an integrated digital campaign for Airlines for America, the country's largest and oldest airline industry trade association. The campaign highlights the personal connections and moments that are possible thanks to U.S. airlines. Air travel isn't just about the person doing the traveling; it's also about who or what is waiting on the other end. When a person- or even a package- is no longer "there" but now "here", that's when the magic can start, the deal can be struck, the package can be opened, the smiles can be shared. Through online videos and sharable graphics, the campaign brings to life the impact that U.S. airlines have every day and the benefits of going from "there" to being "here."

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In addition to creation of the formative campaign, W|W produced a style guide with supporting toolkit that illustrates the key elements in the campaign design and provides guidance on how to use those components. 

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