Wall-to-Wall Studios Pittsburgh Office Rejects BMI Index

June 1, 2009
Pittsburgh, PA

Three employees and one Senior Manager at Wall-to-Wall Studios (W|W), Pittsburgh office, recently lost faith in the internationally recognized Body Mass Index (BMI), for years the gold standard in identifying obesity. While openly acknowledging health officials' concerns about "the epidemic of fatness in America," certain W|W employees openly questioned the validity of this so-called "benchmark." This broad self-selecting W|W group, who partook in the eight minute sit-down lunch meeting last Friday afternoon, cited anecdotal evidence refuting this scientifically based measurement. William Krowinski, Senior Designer, noted his Polish heritage and his grandmother's assurance that "big bones" run in the family. Developer Pat Collins quickly pointed out his four years of high school football and size eight head. Others in the committee nodded slowly as Co-Founder James Nesbitt solidified what would become W|W's official stance on the obesity epidemic after repeating what had already been already said, just in different words. The meeting ended with a prolonged silence, punctuated with an unnamed individual shouting out, "I wear EEE shoes!"


W|W Honolulu office had no comment.