Wall-to-Wall Studios Designs "Health Care Reform. Simplified" Website for UPMC

October 7, 2013
Categories:Launches, Partnership


Wall-to-Wall Studios designed the Health Care Reform. Simplified website (www.YourHealthCareSimplified.org) for and promotional video UPMC (the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center) to help provide clarity about the new health care law (i.e. Obamacare) to its constituents in western Pennsylvania as well as for anyone seeking information elsewhere in the United States. The responsively designed website was developed with the WordPress content management system and incorporates several custom user interface pathways to help communicate the facts about the law, their impact to different audiences, implementation timetable and resources. UPMC is one of the leading nonprofit healthcare providers in the United States and UPMC is a health insurance plan, serving more than 1.6 million members.
View the UPMC www.yourhealthcaresimplified.org website 

Watch the Your HealthCare Simplified Open Enrollment video

Watch the Your HealthCare Simplified Employee video

View the Health Care Reform. Simplified case study