Wall-to-Wall Studios Designs Branding for Modea

April 30, 2024

Located at 841 Bishop St, Modea is a new real estate development by Avalon Group, Hawaii. The project occupies the former Pacific Davies Tower and embraces an adaptive-reuse strategy by converting the existing office building into a vibrant residential community.

Originally constructed in 1972, the Pacific Davies Tower and its brutalist architecture inspired W|W's custom logotype. That architecture is particularly visible when looking at the Queen Street side of the building, where several blocky apertures are repeated across the second level. This grid of blocks provided a visual reference for W|W to create lettering that mimics the rhythm of the building's design.

For the integrated branding collaboration, W|W delivered an audit & strategy, naming, and visual identity & guidelines for this reimagined downtown residential project, featuring 352 units on 22 stories.

Custom branded Modea merch, including tote bag and water bottle.
The new Modea logo applied to environmental applications.
The back of the Modea business cards showcasing the color palette.