Shepard Fairey meets Steelerbaby

October 21, 2009
Categories:People, Media, Event


Wall-to-Wall Studios were guests of Shepard Fairey to his opening night reception at the Warhol Museum where Fairey offered, in person, his side of the great STEELEBABY brouhaha. In short, after looking at and the overall concept (and admittedly only after his overzealous lawyers shot the C+D letter at Steelerbaby), his quote back to them was, "You've got to be f#%&#g kidding me."


The Warhol exhibit contains a great retrospect of this prolific designer/artist. And no matter what side of the "fair use" fence you may fall, we can all agree that the work is beautiful. We encourage everyone to check out the show while it's there.


Click to view the City Paper article from May 2009 that frames the brouhaha.

Pictured above is Shepard Fairey, his daughter Vivian, Steelerbaby, and W|W partner Larkin Werner.